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Focus on strength

Metal construction fittings that prevent shaking in the event of earthquakes must afford sufficient strength to withstand sudden, sharp vibrations. At TATSUMI, our team of testing specialists rigorously checks the strength of the joints in our products through a multitude of endurance tests. Based on these tests, we drive our development process forward, always in search of stronger, easier-to-use products. Tec-One, a TATSUMI original product that boasts a thinner profile than the Kure-Tec, is one of the products that emerged from this process and from our many years of accumulated experience in manufacturing technology. Whether in our own-brand products, OEM products, or built-to-order items, TATSUMI uses the same high-performance testing equipment to deliver superior, user-friendly products every time.

Earthquake safety testing

A house's safety bears directly on the safety of its inhabitants' lives. So what exactly is the difference in strength between houses made with the conventional framing-elevation method and those made using Tec-One fittings? TATSUMI teamed up with the Public Works Research Institute, an independent research institution, to reproduce the three-dimensional simultaneous shaking from the 1995 the Great Hanshin Earthquake. Actual buildings were shaken and the degrees of damage were compared. It was found that in buildings constructed using Tec-One P3, the posts showed no sign of shifting or damage on the through pillar joints even after repeated vibration. It was demonstrated that, because the through pillars were integrated with the framework, they provided solid support for the frame.

Testing equipment

Compression: 50t
Tension: 10t
In-plane shearing: 10t

Testing levels

Simultaneous vibration in
three dimensions
Input acceleration
X-axis: 818Gal
Y-axis: 617Gal
Z-axis: 332Gal

*Current earthquake-resistance standards, as mandated in the Construction Standards Law, require buildings to withstand an earthquake of 400Gal, equivalent to the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923.

Endurance test

Illustration of a Tec-One P3 joint

Earthquake resistance test (conventional construction method)

Earthquake resistance test (metal fittings construction method)