Total Solitions

Marshalling the comprehensive strength of TATSUMI

Planning and development

TATSUMI fittings do more than just strengthen the junctions between posts and beams. They improve work efficiency, driving down construction costs. At TATSUMI, weユre constantly generating fresh ideas from a customer-based perspective, conducting R&D that leads to truly innovative and value-adding products.

Product management

No matter how small the product, TATSUMI regularly tests the strength of its products, ensuring that each one upholds the highest levels of quality. Even during packing, we visually check each product as part of a meticulous quality-control system that ensures consistently superior quality.

Shipping and distribution

TATSUMI's computerized logistical-management system provides seamless management of distribution from order receipt to shipment, supporting reliable, efficient, and prompt delivery. We also maintain sufficient inventory to respond quickly when products are requested.

Freight delivery/equipment

・Automated warehouse: 2t × 220 pallets
・Fixed racks: 1.5t × 400 pallets

Project development using flexible thinking and computerization

Computer-managed warehousing system capable of responding to all situations

The Wooden Frame Vibration Control Device, which uses a friction damper to greatly reduce shaking in houses (co-developed with leading manufacturers)